Write Around The Year

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Write Around the Year is a practical creative resource for writers of every age and ability. Whether you’re a complete beginner, an emerging writer, or an established author, you’ll find inspiration on every page as you discover new plot ideas, create fresh characters, explore new literary devices, or throw off a case of writer’s block.

Write Around the Year delivers a different writing prompt each day over 365 days. With a diversity of writing exercises across a range of genres, writers will learn as they grow, and grow as they learn. You’ll discover a range of creative writing warm up exercises, from auto writing and word play, to mind maps and mindfulness, all designed to anchor you in your creative space while growing your confidence and stamina as a writer.

Written by multi-award winning author, Rebecca Fraserthe prompts are designed to help generate new story ideas, unleash imagination, and ignite inspiration for new characters and stories. They’ll not only test and flex writing muscles; they’re guaranteed to surprise with the literary flowers that bloom from the story seeds planted.

 Write Around the Year: 365 Writing Prompts to Inspire and Ignite Creativity is the perfect

resource for the writer in your life.


Published October 2023 by Two Bays Press
ISBN: 978-0-6450425-2-8

Available as a paperback or eBook.