Poetry: Dark and Weird

Disturbia_Ebook Cover

Welcome to Disturbia, a place where word-wraiths whisper from blackened pages, luring you deeper into their eaves and leaves, until you’ve lost your way home…

Disturbia collects together a diversity of poems that embrace and explore the emotional spectrum of horror and its dark and weird sub genres.

From the beguiling shores of Hoi An to the cloying red dirt of Outback Australia; from the laneways of London Town to the pavements of a neighbourhood that looks a lot like yours…here there be shadows.

From paranormal to pandemic; the gothic to the grotesque, and everything in between, these poems have the ability to haunt with their unsettling nuance, or cut to the bone with visceral precision.

includes both previously published and new poems including Australian Shadows award-nominated and honourably-mentioned work published in such renowned markets as: Spectral Realms, Midnight Echo, Nightmare Fuel, Killing it Softly (The Best of
Women in Horror), New Myths, Breach Zine, The Victorian Writer, Beautiful Storm, Curiouser Magazine, Hexagon, and more.

Release Date: 2023

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