Short Fiction

2021 Fawdaze From The Wasteland, PS Publishing
Uncle Alec’s Gargoyle Dark Tas Vol 1, Things in the Well
(Originally published 2011: Day Terrors, The Harrow Press)
2021 Clarrie’s Dam 
Where the Weird Things Are Vol 2, Deadset Press
(Originally published 2011: Evolutionary Blueprint – Strange Tales of Crytpozoology, Pill Hill Press)

2021  Due South – Winner of Mornington Peninsula Shire Mayor’s Writing Awards

2021  Yelah  Winner of Farrells Bookshop 2021 National Writing Competition

2021  Beneath the Cliffs of Darknoon Bay  Spawn: Weird Horror Tales About Pregnancy, Birth and Babies,  IFWG Publishing Australia 

2021  Don’t Hate Me ‘Cause I’m Beautiful The Were Traveler – Women Destroy (Retro) Sci Fi
(Originally Published 2012:  FutureCycle, FutureCycle Press)

2021  Floor  Pendulum Papers 

2020  The A.V.M. Initiative  Infected – Volume 2, Things in the Well Publications 

2020  Hermit 2.0  Burning Love and Bleeding Hearts, Things in the Well Publications 
(Originally Published 2018:  Somers Paper Nautilus Magazine, Edition 73)

2019  Roulette Train The Killer Collection, NBH Publishing

2019  The Scent of Roses  Guilty Pleasures & Other Dark DelightsThings in the Well Publications 

2019  The Bus Ride  Guilty Pleasures & Other Dark Delights, Things in the Well Publications From 

2019  Family Secret  Curses and Cauldrons, Blood Song Books

2019  Once Upon A Moonlit Clearing  AntipodeanSF Anniversary Issue 250

2018  Never Falls Far  Trickster’s Treats #2,  Things in the Well Publications

2018  The Pedlar  A Hand of Knaves,  CSFG Publishing 

2018  What the Sheoaks Saw, Issue 11 The Quarry Literary Journal 

2017  Knock Knock  Trickster’s Treats #1,  Things in the Well Publications

2017  Casting Nets  SQ Mag – Edition 30, IFWG Publishing Australia
2016  The Carol Singer at the Back  Hell’s Bells – Stories of Festive Fear,  AHWA
2016  Coralesque  Killing it Softly – Best of Women in Horror,  Digital Fiction Publishing Corporation 

(Originally Published 2014:  The Gold Coast Anthology: Undertow,  Prana Press)

2015  Brave New Worlds (Creative Nonfiction), Issue 6 The Quarry Literary Journal

2014  Heartbeat  AntipodeanSF, Issue 195

2014  Peroxide and the Doppelganger  Issue 4 The Quarry Literary Journal

2013  Just Another City Night, 2086  Issue 10 – Wage Slave Orgy – Polluto Magazine, UK

2012  William’s Mummy   Short Sips Coffee House Flash Fiction Volume 2, Wicked East Press

2007  In The Shadow of Oedipus  Ripples Magazine, Issue 10