Short Fiction

2023 The Gift Certificate Body of Work, CSFG Publishing
2022 Dishlickers
Mornington Peninsula Shire Mayor’s Writing Award
2022 Fawdaze
From The Wasteland, PS Publishing
Uncle Alec’s Gargoyle Dark Tas Vol 1, Things in the Well
(Originally published 2011: Day Terrors, The Harrow Press)
2021 Clarrie’s Dam 
Where the Weird Things Are Vol 2, Deadset Press
(Originally published 2011: Evolutionary Blueprint – Strange Tales of Crytpozoology, Pill Hill Press)

2021  Due South – Winner of Mornington Peninsula Shire Mayor’s Writing Awards

2021  Yelah  Winner of Farrells Bookshop 2021 National Writing Competition

2021  Beneath the Cliffs of Darknoon Bay  Spawn: Weird Horror Tales About Pregnancy, Birth and Babies,  IFWG Publishing Australia 

2021  Don’t Hate Me ‘Cause I’m Beautiful The Were Traveler – Women Destroy (Retro) Sci Fi
(Originally Published 2012:  FutureCycle, FutureCycle Press)

2021  Floor  Pendulum Papers 

2020  The A.V.M. Initiative  Infected – Volume 2, Things in the Well Publications 

2020  Hermit 2.0  Burning Love and Bleeding Hearts, Things in the Well Publications 
(Originally Published 2018:  Somers Paper Nautilus Magazine, Edition 73)

2019  Roulette Train The Killer Collection, NBH Publishing

2019  The Scent of Roses  Guilty Pleasures & Other Dark DelightsThings in the Well Publications 

2019  The Bus Ride  Guilty Pleasures & Other Dark Delights, Things in the Well Publications From 2

2019  Family Secret  Curses and Cauldrons, Blood Song Books

2019  Once Upon A Moonlit Clearing  AntipodeanSF Anniversary Issue 250

2018  Never Falls Far  Trickster’s Treats #2,  Things in the Well Publications

2018  The Pedlar  A Hand of Knaves,  CSFG Publishing 

2018  What the Sheoaks Saw, Issue 11 The Quarry Literary Journal 

2017  Knock Knock  Trickster’s Treats #1,  Things in the Well Publications

2017  Casting Nets  SQ Mag – Edition 30, IFWG Publishing Australia
2016  The Carol Singer at the Back  Hell’s Bells – Stories of Festive Fear,  AHWA
2016  Coralesque  Killing it Softly – Best of Women in Horror,  Digital Fiction Publishing Corporation 

(Originally Published 2014:  The Gold Coast Anthology: Undertow,  Prana Press)

2015  Brave New Worlds (Creative Nonfiction), Issue 6 The Quarry Literary Journal

2014  Heartbeat  AntipodeanSF, Issue 195

2014  Peroxide and the Doppelganger  Issue 4 The Quarry Literary Journal

2013  Just Another City Night, 2086  Issue 10 – Wage Slave Orgy – Polluto Magazine, UK

2012  William’s Mummy   Short Sips Coffee House Flash Fiction Volume 2, Wicked East Press

2007  In The Shadow of Oedipus  Ripples Magazine, Issue 10