“The best copy editors are invisible. They work behind the scenes with you to ensure your manuscript is polished to the highest possible standard”

The best copy editors are invisible. They work behind the scenes with you to ensure your manuscript is polished to the highest possible standard—while retaining your voice—before being passed on to a proofreader, the last stage of the editorial process.  

A copy editor’s job is multifaceted. They check your manuscript for issues relating to syntax (the art of a well-formed sentence), use of grammar, issues with language, spelling, and punctuation, repetition and redundancy, and all the other little copy-gremlins that could be sabotaging your hard work.

Additionally, you can expect a copy editor to focus on consistency and continuity.  They’ll notice if Jack, who was wearing a blue baseball cap on page 16, is suddenly sporting a red one on page 78. Or if Hadryx, the alien overlord from Planet Zephyr-12, has sprouted an extra tentacle along his path to intergalactic domination.

Ideally, your manuscript should come to a copy editor as a draft in which you have high satisfaction with your content. That is, it may have gone through a structural/developmental edit—a ‘big picture’ focus on characterisation, point of view, plot, structure, tone, theme, and pace. Perhaps you have let your manuscript ‘rest’ for a good long period, before revisiting it with fresh eyes, and have redrafted to address any glaring inconsistencies or plot holes. Maybe you’re on to draft seventy-eight of your manuscript, and you’re finally ready to pass your beloved book baby into the arms of an editor…

…I promise to take good care of your precious words.


Each project is as individual as its writer, and dependent on whether a light or heavy copy edit is required. To discuss your unique editing requirements, send your enquiry via the contact form.


Although I’m an editor myself, you cannot edit your own work – that’s where Rebecca came in. Her attention to detail and understanding of my work took it from perceived perfection to actual perfection! Thank you, Rebecca, for your intelligent engagement with my writing, your respectful commentary, and your kind support since Towards White was published.
Zena Shapter, Author of Towards White (IFWG Publishing Australia)

Rebecca Fraser is one of a kind; professional, supportive, and excellent at what she does. Her editing work and advice for my manuscript not only helped improve it to be the best it could be, but inspired me to be the best writer I can be. Rebecca really goes above and beyond to support her clients, and I have no hesitation in recommending her services.’

Danielle Hughes, Author of the Mystica Trilogy (Four Moons Publishing)

Rebecca Fraser is an excellent Copy Editor. She is professional, easy to work with, and has an eagle eye for grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, and style. I highly recommend her services. She certainly helped improve my book.

 Steven Paulsen, Author of Shadows on the Wall – Australian Shadows Award for Best Collection, 2018 (IFWG Publishing Australia)

Rebecca was professional and easy to work with. I’d be happy to work with her again, any time.”
Barbara Howe, Author of The Reforging Series (IFWG Publishing Australia)

Rebecca did a wonderful job of editing Books One and Two of Ginomees. As well as being prompt and professional, she provided constructive and valuable feedback. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone looking to put a professional touch to their manuscript.”
Ali Foster, Author of Ginomees Trilogy (IFWG Publishing Australia)